Just curious about this, I only know of two others here in the Houston area, John Turnbow, and Paul T. Calhoun.  Anyone work in this area?  Any desire for a community meeting?  I had lunch with Paul last month and it was great to meet someone local that understood what i was talking about.


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  1. Ernest Gilmore says:

    I live in Midland, TX. and I tried a couple of months ago on getting a Lotus group together. Unfortunately most of the members we had which was me and three others did not find any others in our area. But would enjoy attending your group for better insights within the Lotus realm.

  2. TexasSwede says:

    I am in the DFW area, and I know there are several other developers and admins here, like Lance and his gang at Workflow Studious. They also have a presence in Hooston, and organize seminars (often free). You may want to drop in on one of those and see if you can meet up with any other developers. And who knows, perhaps you will meet some at Lotusphere.
    That would be an idea, to get state/city buttons to wear at Lotusphere…

  3. Mark Hughes says:

    @TexasSwede i knew Workflow studios had a sales person in Houston, guess i will have to check out if they have anyone else here.

  4. Chris Toohey says:

    First thing that came to my mind was, "How many assholes we got on this ship anyhow?!".

    I love the idea behind local meetings of fellow yellowbleeders. Mark, you should start-up a LUG in the area.

  5. slap says:

    I wish I had read this last week!
    I've only been to the US a couple of times but I was in Houston/Katy last week. I'm sure we could have organised a quick LotusBeer.
    – Steve Lapthorn the Brit

  6. Steve Kobb says:

    Hi there!

    Steve Kobb
    Full-time Notes developer since ’96.
    Houston, TX

  7. Guy Gowen says:

    Hi, Mark! I am a Lotus Notes developer here in the Houston (Magnolia) area. I started working with Notes at Compaq back in the early 90s before IBM bought Lotus. I think it was release 3.1 or something! :)

    Guy Gowen
    Magnolia, TX

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