Here is an example of grouping together items in the start menu. In this example I create a folder with two items in it. The folder name is “In Development” and the two items inside it are Purchase Orders and Expense Reports. This code is located in the sample.js in the EXTND Database that was shown in the first post in this blog.MyDesktop.BogusMenuModule2 = Ext.extend(MyDesktop.contracts, {
init : function(){
this.launcher = {
text: ‘In Development’,
iconCls: ‘bogus’,
handler: function() {
return false;
menu: {
items:[ {
text: ‘Purchase Orders’,
iconCls: new MyDesktop.purchaseorders().launcher.iconCls,
handler : new MyDesktop.purchaseorders().createWindow,
scope: this,
windowId: ‘Purchase Orders’
text: ‘Expense Reports – Moved to Applications Folder’,
iconCls: new MyDesktop.expensereports().launcher.iconCls,
//handler : new MyDesktop.expensereports().createWindow,
scope: this,
windowId: ‘Expense Reports’

] } } }});


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