ITANA V4.0 has been completely rewritten to work offline for editing and adding tasks.  As a great side benefit, ITANA opens quickly(sub 2 seconds) and moving between tasks is very very fast(sub second).  Here are a few screen shots, notice that they were taken from airplane mode(offline for you non iPhone users).   Since this update requires Domino 8.5.2(for the cache manifest), it will be released shortly after it is available later this month. Video will be posted in the next few days.  Please let me know what you think


7 Responses to My Tasks (ITANA) V4.0 for iPhone and Android delivers offline read/write via HTML5 and IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 XPages

  1. Paul T. Ca;lhoun says:

    Awesome !! This is exactly the kind of functionality the corporate folks are looking for.

    Paul T. Calhoun

  2. Tim Tripcony says:

    Looks seriously sharp, Mark. Great job!

  3. John Cawrey says:

    Does this fit well with eProductivity, and will you have iPad optimised version?

  4. Mark Hughes says:

    @John My previous versions have worked well with eProductivity, i will test this version soon to make sure they work well together.

  5. Mark Hughes says:

    @john i have a version that is optimized for the iPad but does not work offline. Would that be of interest? Do i need to create an offline iPad version?

  6. John Cawrey says:

    I think an iPad version is a must have, and for people like me, who only have the wifi-only cheapo version, we need to have offline capability.

    Sure I can connect via the android phone, but its not ideal.

    eP would be several times more useful to me if I could have my tasks on the iPad without having to be connected.

  7. Mark Hughes says:

    You could use this version above when available, until i have an offline version for the ipad. It would still look nice, just more white space 😉

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