Here is a very early preview of ITANA on an iPad, and yes i know i don’t yet have the dimensions perfect yet. If i actually owned an iPad it would be easier ;-), but for now the simulator will have to work.

Once i am finished, i will publish an iPad template like i did for the iPhone, that should allow you to just add you data sources and go.
I need to finish ui touch ups and get some better transitions, and tweek a few things. Please feel free to leave your comments on what would make it better, thanks

New transitions!(for those who did not like the fade in fade out)

3 Responses to iPad & X-Pages, a very early preview of ITANA on an iPad

  1. quintessens says:

    nice fade in/fade out. NOT

  2. Mark Hughes says:

    @1 I am working on removing those fade-in and outs, they are left over from another app that I started this one from.

  3. Mark Hughes says:

    So i added new transitions, what else can make it look better?

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