ITANA 2.0 is now released, Video in Link!

On February 15, 2010, in mobile, xpages, by Mark Hughes

ITANA 2.0 is now shipping, here is a video of the new interface and features. For further information please vist


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  1. John Cawrey says:

    Looks great. You should hook up with the guys at eProductivity, and devise an integrated GTD solution.

  2. Mark Hughes says:

    @John I have been told it works with eProductivity, but i have asked Eric Mack to chime in on this, since i have never actually tested it myself.

  3. Eric Mack says:

    Hi @John, @Mark, ITANA should work just fine. I very briefly took a look at ITANA 1.0 a few months back and it was a beautiful interface. I just installed it again a week ago for someone to test in-house. I'll see if they have actually tested it. I would expect that it should work fine as Mark respects standard tasks and memos which we do as well. I hope this helps. – Eric

  4. Eric Mack says:

    @John, @Mark, I just did a quick test of ITANA with the new 2.0 version Mark sent me. At this time, it is not compatible with eProducivity for IBM Lotus Notes; however, I have communicated with Mark and I'm sure he will shortly have a version that is. I have offered to assist mark as needed.

  5. John Cawrey says:

    @both, thats positive news. I am sure you would both benefit from an alliance of some kind.

    I was wondering specifically how it would handle custom contexts etc. Eric, perhaps you can have your chap/chapess update us here, or perhaps on the eP blog, or email me directly, you should have my details.

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