These are comments i left on another blog, thought i would just make it a post

We are moving off notes, we are going to use sharepoint for files and portal, exchange for email, linc for im, and XWork server for apps.

All of our apps are Xpages, so XWork servers make allot of sense.

Outlook has plugins for Sharepoint, our ERP system, Autocad Vault, salesforce, among others, Notes does not.

Having been a Notes Dev and admin for 12 years, i think i know whats its capable of. Xpages only work offline in the client, and XPINC is buggy and very slow. Something that might surprise you is there is an offline client for sharepoint.

The saving grace of the platform, which it has always been, is the dev environment. XPages are awesome, i love them, and they dont require you to have a client, or the same email platform. The apps written in them dont say Lotus, so there is not a perception issue there. XWork server allows unlimited users and is fairly inexpensive. That will be our dev platform for complex apps.

The main problem with Lotus Notes and Users is a perception issue (‘its old and no one uses it anymore’). I am tired of fighting something that it seems IBM doesn’t care to fight for themselves. The users want outlook, here you go, i still have my dev platform and i dont have to listen to how notes sucks.

I have been down about this for a while, but look forward to new challenges and learning opportunities.


7 Responses to Moving away from notes for email, using XWork for apps, please share your thoughts with me

  1. What about the four database limit of XWork server? How do you deal with that? This can get quite expensive if you have a lot of apps. Did you combine multiple apps in those four databases?

    • Mark Hughes says:

      No consolidation yet, will end up with about 7 – 10 apps, 4k – 6k a year, will be making jdbc calls to get lookup values more than i do now for sure.

      • Mark Hughes says:

        but your right, you have to decide will it be worth it to keep creating more apps on XWork or make new ones on something cheaper.

  2. Darren Duke says:

    I think you want Domino Utility Express, and not XWork.

    And Lotus Notes does suffer a death from a thousand cuts. There is not anything really, really bad in there but all the little things add up. Oh for CALDAV and working IMAP in Domino…..

  3. Sean Cull says:

    XPinC will be much better in 854 but for now 853 is very usable in my experience. This app works just as well in XPinC and browser =>

  4. Henning Heinz says:

    If you are surrounded by Microsoft you won’t have your preferred dev platform for long, at least this is my experience. It has little to do with XPages but with the fact that many customers want to standardize on a single platform (and SAP) and that the Microsoft web stack is quite attractive and affordable.
    You might want Domino Utility Server Express if you have less than 1.000 employees. The price for the Non-Express version is debatable and afaik can be around 30.000$ for a single CPU 4 Core Xeon server (yearly renewal fees are cheaper).
    Only IBM can move the platform forward. What they do today probably is not enough to keep the platform vital (but enough to make money for another few years). Enthusiasm and commitment of a community can support a vendors commitment but not replace it.
    There are a lot of products in the IBM software portfolio that get streamlined to the IBM software stack and then move forward slowly. Maybe this is how Enterprise software works (Adobe does the same with many of their products)!?
    I am aware that you are happy with XPages. It has the advantage that it offers more possibilities and is less limited to predefined design elements. You can enhance it and things like the Extension library can make you more productive in less time.
    Last week we had a new intern. In a week he developed a working jQuery mobile UI interface for a quite complicated .Net CRM/ERP application he had never seen before. He even wasn’t a .Net expert as the university practices Java. But Microsoft has a huge free software package for students. It works and people (developers) love it.
    Now I don’t do much .Net development and maybe the intern was just a genius. My point is that for mobile and browser applications there are a lot of compelling platforms nowadays. What works best often depends more on a developers knowledge than the software stack.
    Personally I do many things with Play Framework but some mild XPages and still classic Domino development too. You can do awesome stuff with XPages but I consider the platform not unique.
    And of course the next version of Notes and Domino will make things better (it certainly does). Maybe there even will be a modernized Notes Workspace for this platform (it would really deserve it). As much as I love this platform I am tired of always waiting for the next release.
    Notes and Domino still work for many customers. It makes them productive and some of the changes and enhancements are really great. Maybe it even is a better strategy to concentrate on those customers because IBM will probably ever be too slow for my own demand.

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