I have just released mAddressBook to OpenNTF for the new development competition.  You can sync any addressbook on your server to your phone with this application.  It works offline on iPhones and iPads and should work offline with Android as well.  There are two themes included, please let me know any comments you might have, thanks



6 Responses to mAddressBook – A HTML5 XPage app, that works offline, to sync any address book on your server with your phone is now on OpenNTF

  1. sean cull says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing this, thanks, sean

  2. sean cull says:

    Mark, does it need the extension framework ?

    • Mark Hughes says:

      it does use Dojo, but just enough to make the XPage render, not for any of the effects or storage or transitions

  3. Lars Olufsen says:

    Looks awesome, Mark!

  4. Fredrik Sjöström says:

    Amazing! Well done, Mark!

  5. Colby Grueber says:

    Absolutely love this…. Having an issue when the data is updated though. We have to clear the cach on the phone to get the data to change and then not all of the data gets replicated down. Would LOVE to get this to work flawlessly.

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