Some new features and bug fixes have been released over the past few days, if you have downloaded this control you will want to update your databases with the latest release of this custom control before upgrading to Domino 8.5.3.  This code runs on cd5 where as anything older than 1.3.1 will not work correctly on 8.5.3.



1.4.1 Uploaded Today

Added property clearSearchImg that only shows on a search bar when the view has been searched.

When clicked this will clear the search variable and show the view in its normal default state, and the clear search image will disappear.

1.3.1 Uploaded y\Yesterday

Changes made to some code to allow it to run on 8.5.3 cd5.  It will still run on older version like before.

Also changed how it appears in designer, now takes up much less space on screen.

Added a little css to make it look a little better in firefox



One Response to New Xpages View Picklist Custom control v1.4.1 – 8.5.3 notice – important

  1. Hello Mark,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful custom control.
    I am trying to use this custom control in my project. It works perfect when Page is having one datasource mapper with one viewpicklist custom control.

    If I want to use view picklist multiple time for single datasource :
    e.g. On Xpage I have staff data view, (dataSrc). And for around 10 fields I want to show view picklist and get selected values. If I define dataSrc once, and use it for all 10 view picklist cc. i.e. All 10 view picklist cc are having single dataSrc.

    When I run the xpage, And try to navigate using Pager in CC and select the value, it throws error and don’t select that value. On Pager’s first page it works fine, if I navigate to 2nd page and try to choose value it throws error that “dialog1viewinfo” not found. “dialog1” is compositeData.dialogID.

    As wokaround, I had to define same view as different datasource name (10 times).

    Please let me know if there is any solution for this, or we will need to use different datasource for different viewpicker CC.?

    Thank you in advance for kind reply.
    Have a good day.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Prashant Arkal
    +65 93398797

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