These are comments i left on another blog, thought i would just make it a post

We are moving off notes, we are going to use sharepoint for files and portal, exchange for email, linc for im, and XWork server for apps.

All of our apps are Xpages, so XWork servers make allot of sense.

Outlook has plugins for Sharepoint, our ERP system, Autocad Vault, salesforce, among others, Notes does not.

Having been a Notes Dev and admin for 12 years, i think i know whats its capable of. Xpages only work offline in the client, and XPINC is buggy and very slow. Something that might surprise you is there is an offline client for sharepoint.

The saving grace of the platform, which it has always been, is the dev environment. XPages are awesome, i love them, and they dont require you to have a client, or the same email platform. The apps written in them dont say Lotus, so there is not a perception issue there. XWork server allows unlimited users and is fairly inexpensive. That will be our dev platform for complex apps.

The main problem with Lotus Notes and Users is a perception issue (‘its old and no one uses it anymore’). I am tired of fighting something that it seems IBM doesn’t care to fight for themselves. The users want outlook, here you go, i still have my dev platform and i dont have to listen to how notes sucks.

I have been down about this for a while, but look forward to new challenges and learning opportunities.